1. – Thin Films and Coating Technology

Development of new strategies for the preparation of nanostructured thin films and coatings, based on the magnetron sputtering technology. In particular manufacturing supported nanostructures with the goal of controlling microstructure and composition.
Fields of application: Porous coatings, catalytic coatings, optical coatings, nanocomposite and multilayer structures. Mainly coatings with controlled porosity, catalytic costings, single or multi-element nanoparticles and nanocomposite structures.


2. – Materials and Catalysts for Hydrogen Technology

Development of materials and catalysts for hydrogen storage, generation and use mainly in portable applications. In particular catalysts and additives for solid state hydrogen storage in light weight hydride materials. Study of supported catalysts for: i) hydrogen production from hydrides (hydrolysis reactions); ii) the catalytic combustion of hydrogen. Solar Hydrogen generation, catalysis and photocatalysis.


3. – Nanoscopies and Spectroscopies

Microstructural and chemical characterization: Nanoscopies and spectroscopies. Mainly using advanced electron microscopy facilities, in conjunction with other techniques such as XPS spectroscopy or X-ray diffraction.  The overall objective is the rational development of nanostructured coatings and catalysts based on the correlation and integration between the microstructural and chemical characterization at the nano-scale and the properties of interest in the developed materials.